Liberty Puzzles

Liberty Puzzles are a throwback to the golden period of jigsaw puzzles.  Each puzzle contains dozens of hand-drawn “whimsy” pieces intricately cut into the shapes of characters, various animals, and geometric designs.  They are works of art within art.  The puzzles are made with 1/4” plywood and use advance print technology for alluring color.

Liberty Puzzles are manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Liberty Puzzles - Wooden jigsaw puzzles

Whimsy pieces are cut in the shapes of recognizable objects, such as characters, animals, or complex geometric shapes.  All of our puzzles contain as many whimsy pieces as we can fit, usually comprising 15-20% of the total.  That’s a lot of whimsy pieces!  Oftentimes the whimsy pieces are carefully designed and crafted to match the theme of each puzzle image.  Sometimes whimsy pieces are located near each other as part of a group of characters (interrelating whimsy pieces) or are made up of several interlocking pieces (complex whimsy pieces).

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