Artifact Puzzles

The fact that jigsaw puzzles are still around gives me hope for the future of our civilization. With all the electronics, gadgets, distractions and non-stop beeping things in our lives, I ponder if we are doomed. I mean really, space aliens could come down to take over our planet and we wouldn’t even look up from our phones and tablets. The Aliens would just seem like some augmented reality add-on to the latest and greatest app….until they started to eat our brains!

Not all is gloom and doom, I do see hope in the fact that people still like good old fashioned jigsaw puzzles. Yep, no batteries, no apps to download and when done together with friends and family it is real social networking! Now a company called Artifact Puzzles is looking to bring a new twist to classic jigsaw puzzles, but in an old-fashioned way.

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