I got my first puzzle for my 18th birthday, and I was so impressed with shapes of pieces, construction and best of all, it was piece of art! I immediately hung it in my room and it’s in there ever since. Since then I acquired over 50 different artifact puzzles and it still never failed to impress me. Colors, shapes, pictures… pure beauty.
Before it wasn’t so easy to come across and acquire Wooden jigsaw puzzles, but now it is much simpler, I’m getting most of them from Amazon, with fast and often free shipping and it’s not hustle for me anymore. I’ll share you a few of my favorites, and other beautiful pieces of wooden puzzles and help u choose some of them!

In the past, these pieces were often cut into different quirky shapes on a whim by Victorian puzzle cutters – giving the pieces their name! Each of these individual themed whimsies make our puzzles that little bit extra special. Our personalized puzzles even have specially shaped whimsies that spell out messages such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’.
Each whimsy fits in perfectly with the irregular shaped pieces that make up every WoodenPuzzle. Did you know that most of our puzzles don’t contain the same shape twice, and sometimes don’t even have corner pieces! This makes for an extra difficult brain teasing challenge for every puzzle lover.